Hi, I'm Feline Entity

3D, Technical Art and Vtubing are my game. On this site you can find my past works, links to my Socials, as well as any information surrounding commissioning me for yourself.

About Me

Hey there! I am Feline Entity. I'm a freelance 3D Artist from Germany, specializing in supporting VTubers and their streams. With experience in Blender, Unity, VSeeFace and a lot of other relevant applications, I strife to evolve the field of VTubing through my own ideas and twists on current technologies. I'm entirely self-learned, and am always happy to hold out a helping hand whenever I am able.I also really, really like cats.

Applications I use:

  • Blender

  • Unity

  • VSeeFace

  • iFacialMocap

  • Affinity Designer

  • Substance Painter

  • Twitch Integrated Throwing System

  • OBS

  • and a bunch more.

Various skills:

  • Full 3D Character Pipeline (Modelling, Texturing, Shading, Baking, Rigging) in Blender

  • VTuber Rigging in Unity for VRM and VSFAvatar

  • VRChat Avatar Creation in Unity

  • "Throwable" Asset creation for Twitch Integrated Throwing System and similar apps

  • Custom Shader Creation in Unity

My Work

Various selected works of mine, each of these models have been custom made from scratch and are used in either VTubing or VR.






Special Styled VTubers in Chibi format.







You can find more of my past commission work on my VGen Portfolio.


Prop items made for throwing at Vtubers in streams.

DyaRikku Chatblin Throwables

Adventure Item Throwables


I am available for commissions! Whether you want a 3D VTuber, throwable assets, avatar props, or anything relating to these things, as long as you have a reference, I can make it.
Additionally, I offer Smoltubers, a Chibi VTuber Style that turns your original design into a marketeble plushie version ready to use in VSeeFace or VNyan!


Custom Vtuber Model (Mascot)~ 500€
Custom Vtuber Model (Full)~ 1000€
Throwable 3D Asset or Prop~ 50€
Smoltuber~ 450€
Full Commercial Use Rights*+ 100%
Source Files+ 50%
Urgent/Priority+ 100%

All prices are estimations.
Prices may change based on complexity of the work and design.
*All work comes with limited commercial use rights for the purposes of streaming and social media. Full rights include things like merch production, resale etc.

Terms of Service

- All payments are made through PayPal invoice
- Upfront payments only unless agreed otherwise
- Cancellations after the work has begun results in a refund based on the amount of work completed, but at most 50% of the amount
- All work stays under the copyright of the artist unless agreed otherwise
- Client receives limited commercial use rights of the work for the purpose of live streaming and social media posts and cannot be resold or repurposed unless Full Commercial Use Rights have been granted
- Artist retains rights to post renders of the design to their social media and portfolio
- The creation process of the work may be publicly streamed unless agreed otherwise

Commission Process

- Fill out the commission form and provide a reference to your design
- Once your commission has been accepted, it will be put on my waitlist. I will give you an estimate on when I can start working on it, and I will contact you when I'm ready to start working.
- We discuss the details of your design, the toggles you like, special effects, etc.
- You will receive an invoice via paypal, and once it is paid I will start working on your design.
- Regular updates during the creation process will be given, and adjustments will be made based on your feedback
- Once the work is done, you will receive the model file (.vsfavatar for VTubers, .fbx for props/throwables) via link
- You get the opportunity to try out your model, and if there are any issues they will be fixed by me based on your feedback

Commission Forms

For VTuber Models, Throwables, Props or anything that is not a Smoltuber, use this Commission Form or shoot me a DM on Twitter, Discord, or via the Contact Form. If you have an urgent requests, please contact me directly through these channels as well.For Smoltubers, fill out this Commission Form.Commission Forms are checked about once a week.

Contact Form